At the source of, there is Pierre-André Aebischer. He is a musician, trained as a jazz guitarist at the Swiss Jazz School, Bern, he has explored the worlds of broadcasting at Couleur3, live sound at the Montreux Jazz Festival, at Paléo, at the Fête des Vignerons, Vevey , at the Arena, Geneva, he also had intense experiences with rock groups, Wolomooloo, Sam Frank, Symphologic.

. This journey through the vast universe of music and sound has optimized his mastery of innovative practices such as steering, ambisonics, line arrays, augmented acoustics or 360 ° spaces.

In the form of personalised immersive compositions, he now offers a synthesis of his experience, highlighting the potential of sound on the quality of life of humans in the context of their travel, habitat, work and leisure.

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