“Contribute to the evolution of consciousness of the universe with beautiful music, and, have lots of fun”

Contribute to a virtual show. With a video clip, to offer UP the beautiful images that this music awaits.

We are vibrations, every one of us  is a note, a particle, a droplet, all together we are a symphony, an ocean.

I wrote UP some time ago, since then this positive, unifying, inspiring music was waiting, was it waiting for today? Is it by chance that it reappears now?

Do you want to contribute to my project of honouring life and joyfully, together, making the unity dance?

Participate, send your visual creation, share what inspires you with this title! What movement, what emotion do you want to offer?


Subscribe to the newsletter & contribute:

– Complete the participation confirmation

– Send your visual contribution of about 15 seconds,

– In HD video 1920 x 1080, mpeg4 at 30fps (indicative specifications)

– Via email or download link Dropbox, Infomaniak or WeTransfer, for example.

– See the provisional clip and listen to UP:

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