| Stəʊ‘kɑː is a band. An invisible Orchestra. Currently we have a show available, with 8 pianos, and only them on stage, it looks good, it sounds great, it is totally acoustical and immersive by design and you have a beautiful example of invisible orchestra at the ready. Should you ask, why is it so good to have an invisible orchestra on stage in 2021? Well, for a start and since this year only 5 to 10 people only are allowed in a concert hall simultaneously, it sound like a great plan not have 8 musicians on stage at the same time…. It means the show is legally allowed to be performed, since no one is on the stage, but pianos. The second advantage is that since no real human is playing live it is perfectly OK to have the show going for several hours consecutively. Again, since only a handful of people can attend at any one times this sounds like a great incentive this year to have a show that can last for hours. 

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