| Stəʊ‘kɑː

Reinventing pleasing sound together.

Our universe is a noisy place, with lots of people disconnected from their true nature, thinking themselves as helpless. With many apparent issues and misunderstandings about why this is. Whereas in fact, we live in a great place. Once this has been truly felt, truly heard, just like that, almost as a bonus, this realisation alone will make our world a much better place to live in… instantaneously. In a sort of infinite feedback loop if you will.

Even more so, when sound system and content are excellent to the point where they replicate the listening conditions you had when you still were a hunter gatherer, some millenaries ago, or more recently when you walked in a nice forest, surrounded by soothing sounds of streams, wind, trees and animals.

So, besides having lots of fun doing it, making the world a better place through beautiful sound so as to help bolster the consciousness of the universe as whole, is a truly magnificent experience that we love sharing.

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